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Fort Dobbs Once Again Defends Western Frontier

Explore frontier life in a fully reconstructed and furnished 18th century fort in Statesville. Add Fort Dobbs to your day trip agenda to enjoy a guided tour of the fort, a visitor's center displaying artifacts found on the site, a short trail and picnic shelter for outdoor activity.

Since 2003, Fort Dobbs has been undergoing a nearly $3 million reconstruction project to once again have a restored fort with a three-story, 800 square-foot replica of the blockhouse.

During the French and Indian War, Fort Dobbs was constructed near present-day Statesville as a base of operations for a company of soldiers designed to defend settlers from French-Allied American Indians. The Fort represented the furthest west that European settlers had traveled.

Every summer, Fort Dobbs hosts Militia Muster, with historic interpreters representing the Militia with on-going displays of camp life, historic cooking and musket demonstrations.

This is a fun attraction for kids of all ages. If you’re interested in participating in next year’s reenactment and family friendly activities, check out Fort Dobbs online.


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